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Eyes Glittering Sequin
Eyes Glittering Sequin
Eyes Glittering Sequin
Eyes Glittering Sequin
Eyes Glittering Sequin
Eyes Glittering Sequin
Eyes Glittering Sequin

Eyes Glittering Sequin

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Let's go glittery with no glue!

Glitter powder eyeshadow is not messy. You just don't know the right product! Have the perfect glittery makeup look without using any glue with Eyes Glittering Sequin. You'll no longer need to wait for the glue to turn tacky then dab the glitter and be late for your date. 

With Eyes Glittering Sequin, you can glides it onto your skin effortlessly and get photogenically ready much quicker. Since it is highly pigmented and waterproof, you can skip the eye primer and baking steps. Tho it's an eyeshadow, you can also use it as a highlighter on your cheek bones, lips and collar bones. It is long lasting that you can be care-free and still look the same after a long night at the party or music festival.


  • You Don't Need Glue:
    Unlike the normal glittery powder eyeshadow that you can find in your local drug stores, no glue is needed. Just glide it on.
  • Glide Effortless:
    It is highly pigmented, one glide on your eyelid is enough for your look. Of course, you can build it up for an even more dramatic look.
  • Waterproof:
    You can wear it to the beach, pool party, and on a rainy day. You won't turn to a panda.
  • Great for night owls:
    It's so long lasting that it can survive with you through the day and night.
  • Photogenic:
    The gorgeous effect of the glitter makes you glow and look stunning on the camera.
  • Highlight on fleek:
    Think about that glow on your cheeks, nose, and collar bones, just can't resist it. 

  • Festive:
    Have no occasions to use such dramatic product? That's a lie! Christmas is coming and you deserve the spotlight. 


  • Size: 5ml
  • Color: Amber, Plantium and Ballet


  • 1 x Eyes Glittering Sequin

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