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Magic Inductive Piggy
Magic Inductive Piggy
Magic Inductive Piggy
Magic Inductive Piggy
Magic Inductive Piggy
Magic Inductive Piggy
Magic Inductive Piggy

Magic Inductive Piggy

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Enlighten creativity of your child!

Been looking for something that will give your kid the interest to write? Have a Magic Inductive Piggy!

The Magic Inductive Piggy is designed to provide a creative approach for your kids to learn writing or drawing through noticing patterns so they can do it on their own the next time. This toy has a great sensor and it senses the lines drawn and follows the track. It will be a great bonding that you and your kid is going to have, while learning.


  • Creativity Enlightenment: 
    Bring out your kids' talents by playing this toy with their imagination and creativity.

  • Fun And Educational:
    This inductive pig makes learning to draw and write enjoyable, developing fine motor skills in a fun way.
  • Great Interactivity:
    Just draw with creativity on paper, then switch the toy ON and let the pig trace it.

  • High-Quality Design:
    It is made with exclusive sensor at the bottom, which helps trace the line precisely.

  • USB Charging:
    Rechargeable design and it can be used repeatedly.
  • Safe for Kids:
    Made with high-quality, sturdy, brightly-colored plastic that is safe for your kids and the environment.
  • Perfect Gift Idea:
    Its adorable appearance and inductive function will definitely be your kids' favorite.


  • Draw a line on a piece of paper with marker
  • Turn the switch ON and place the pig on the drawn line
  • It will run along the line automatically 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 140g
  • Size: 8cm X 8.5cm


  • 1x Magic Inductive Piggy
  • 1x Marker
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual

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