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Anti-Static Keychain
Anti-Static Keychain
Anti-Static Keychain
Anti-Static Keychain
Anti-Static Keychain

Anti-Static Keychain

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Touch your car with the keychain before touching it.

Getting to hold things that are static clinging is really annoying. Avoid being shocked and startled by static forces and use the Anti-Static Keychain.

The Anti-Static Keychain is designed to quickly absorb static energy in just a matter of 2-3 seconds. As it absorbs all static electricity from the things that you are to touch, the electricity is being accumulated inside the conductive resin which lights when the static reaches a certain high value. It is also safe to be used on any surface and will not leave a scratch or a mark.


  • Quick Static Eliminator:
    It immediately absorbs the static energy in 2-3 seconds in a material.
  • Conductive Resin:
    You can see the clear part light when the static reaches a certain value.
  • Paint Safe:
    It is safe to use even on painted surfaces. It will not lead to any scratches or damages.
  • Wide Use:
    You can use it to discharge static from your car’s door, home door, electronic circuit, comb, and other things.
  • Lightweight & Portable:
    It is designed small and lightweight to fit your keychain so you can bring it anywhere together with your car keys.
  • Premium Materials:
    This static remover is made of high-quality steel chrome, metal, acrylic, copper conductor, secondary discharge function makes it remove the static faster.


    • Materials: Copper, Conductive Resin
    • Colour: Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple, Black

    • Size: 5.7cm X 1cm


    • 1pc x Anti-Static Keychain

    Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order