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Airless Pumper
Airless Pumper
Airless Pumper
Airless Pumper
Airless Pumper
Airless Pumper
Airless Pumper

Airless Pumper

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No more wasted liquid anymore.

Wasted a lot of product when you fill the travel size bottles and always have something left in the bottle? Switch to Airless Pumper now. 

Airless Pumper is designed to dispense perfectly and leave little waste. The pump pushes from the bottom so you can see at all times. The now straw design keeps the content fresh by preventing oxidation and growth of bacteria. Perfect amount of content is dispensed in each pump. Refill and cleaning are easy due as there is a large opening. It's TSA friendly sizes are perfect for travellers! 


  • No Straw:
    Without the straw, it can keep the content fresh for longer. increasing their shelf-life and preventing the oxidation of the cosmetics and the growth of bacteria.
  • No Waste:
    You can use all the content completely until there was none left. 
  • Mist Dispenser:
    Automatically to produce a fine mist.
  • Liquid Dispenser:
    Suitable for carrying liquid and cream like the content.
  • Volume control:
    It gives the perfect amount of lotions in one squirt. You can use it completely until there was none left. 
  • Easy-To-Refill & Clean:
    The large opening of the bottle makes refills and cleaning easy.
  • TSA Friendly:
    Content sizes are under 100ml which is suitable for travellers.
  • Safe Materials:
    Made of 100% BPA-free plastic, odourless, durable, lightweight, and sturdy.  


  • Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Colour: White
  • Dispenser Type: Liquid/ Mist
  • Content Size: 10ml/ 30ml/ 50ml/ 100ml


  • 1x Airless Pumper, or
  • 4x  Airless Pumper (set of 4)

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order