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3D Rainbow Window Film
3D Rainbow Window Film
3D Rainbow Window Film
3D Rainbow Window Film
3D Rainbow Window Film
3D Rainbow Window Film

3D Rainbow Window Film

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Let Rainbows In Your House.

Want to have privacy in your place but you don’t want the light to totally be blocked? Turn your window into a work of art while adding security and privacy with the 3D Rainbow Window Film.

The 3D Rainbow Window Film has an irregular pattern design that helps reduce inside’s visibility while giving rainbow light effect. It also helps protect you and your furniture from harmful UV rays and excessive sunlight exposure. Easily apply the glue-free film and remove it without leaving residues.


  • 3D Laser Design:
    Irregular pattern design provides a colorful visual effect that looks like a rainbow when sunlight hits the film, after installation.

  • UV-Ray Protection:
    Blocks harmful UV-rays and strong sunlight and also reduces annoying glares while also protecting your skin from excessive sunlight exposure.

  • Added Security & Privacy:
    Stylishly cover your window’s glass and keep your personal space private and secure.

  • Glue-Free:
    Window sticker is static cling that does not need any adhesive to stick to your windows and leave residues.
  • Easy Application:
    Simply spray water to the film and to your window’s glass and effectively attach the sized film.


  • Materials: Environmentally friendly PVC Static Film (Front) + PET Release Film (Back)
  • Color: Rainbow
  • Weight: 130g
  • Size: 100cm X 45cm 


  • 1x 3D Rainbow Window Film

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