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2-in-1 Sun Visor
2-in-1 Sun Visor
2-in-1 Sun Visor
2-in-1 Sun Visor
2-in-1 Sun Visor
2-in-1 Sun Visor
2-in-1 Sun Visor

2-in-1 Sun Visor

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Eye Protector for day & night drivers!

When driving during the day, the sunlight can be too strong and when driving during the night, your worry is about their blinding headlights. The 2-in-1 Sun Visor solves these problems perfectly. Daytime sun glare and nighttime headlights, no longer an issue now!

This 2 in 1 Car Sun Visor  filters out 95% of harmful rays, resist UV rays and strong sunlight during the daytime. The flame also help blocking glare, dazzle, and headlights when driving at night, bring you a safety driving. Especially fit for people sensitive to light and someone who needs to drive for a long time


  • Anti-Glare & Fatigue:
    The glasses filter harmful light to protect your eyes, so they will not feel tired after driving for a long time. 

  • Anti-collision:
    The thickness of each sun visor reaches 2mm, which meets the optical standards.

  • Multi-Purpose:
    Filter harmful UV ray, protect you at night from Headlight, High Beams and Tailgates lights.
  • Easy To Install:
    Just clip to install, can easily adjust the vision you want.
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  • Adjustable Frame:
    Switchable light filter for days and nights.
  • Universal Size:
    The car sun visor extender anti-glare blocker is universal in size, perfect use for cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles.
  • Light weight:
    Easy to flip up when you are not using, the clip is ultra light which will leave no marks on your car. 


  • Just clip the visor to the top of the windscreen and adjust to appropriate position. 


  • Material: PVC
  • Size:  30cm X 13cm 

  • Weight: 250g 

  •  1 pc  x  2-in-1 Car Sun Visor

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